How I’m Trying to Blend In

Jul 29, 2005Write!

OK, well, I goofed.

The doctor thought I had an infection and gave me antibiotics. I took said antibiotics without reading the French instructions. Turns out THESE antibiotics are the kind you can’t go into the sun with.


I went to the beach with said antibiotics running races through my body. Each microglobule of antibiotic rushed to my skin surface with tiny mirrors. To attract the happy sun. Which turned out to be the menacing sun.

I sunscreened the usual parts–shoulders, chest back–because I never burn on my face, legs and arms. At least not until antibiotic-mirror day. I frolicked in the Med. I chatted with our friends. In time, I covered my arms with sunscreen and my legs with a towel.


I came home.

And the antibiotic mirrors worked. Instead of burning bugs, the sun burned my skin. I feel like I’ve pressed my arm, leg and face skin on a frying pan. And I look like an oompa loompa. (Of course, Patrick is so kind to remind me of my resemblance to the small chocolate-making folk, that dear man. He’s also calling me Pinky Tuscadero. Thanks, Dear!) To see me, scroll down to the shocking-looking red person on the next post. And then, slather your entire body with sunscreen. Right now. Because it could happen to you.

If you look really close at my left face next to the green shrubbery, you’ll see how much myself and my back yard resemble my website and blog: shades of green and red. I guess I just needed to become my web presence, apparently. Or maybe I’m longing for Christmas.

Last night, on night two of no sleep because of the pain, I started praying for burn victims. “Oh Lord, bless each and every burn victim. Help the pain subside,” I prayed. And then I asked Him to help me with mine. Patrick answered the prayer by placing cool towels on my face and left arm. Blessed man.

So, I’m blending in with my website and blog. But I would rather just wear those colors. My face is blistered. My arm is screaming. And I am left with looking like a very tall oompa loompa.

Oompa Loompa Doompity dee
If you are wise you will listen to me
What do you get when you sit in the sun
While antibiotics are having their fun?
What do you get when the sunscreen is not?
Skin that resembles hell so hot!
I don’t like the look of it.

Everybody now!!!

Warmly (ha!),