How do I bloom where I’m planted?

Oct 25, 2010Find joy today

It will be the question I wrestle against as I return home from Cape Town. In light of what I’ve learned, who I’ve become, how I’ve healed, and what God has said, how, now shall I live?

In the ordinariness of daily life is where I need to encounter Jesus. To be receptive to His voice and requests of me, even if it means stopping someone in a store to pray for them. It may mean putting aside my agenda. Or choosing not to worry about money. Or conserving our resources so we can give more. Or being willing to fly across the world to teach emerging writers. What I learned here will certainly infuse my prose. But more than that, it will push me to be near to Jesus as I wake, as I walk and as I go to sleep.

We’ve moved a lot in my life. Through that I’ve learned the importance of blooming where I’m planted. I pray I’ll learn it afresh, how to bloom in my country. How to write words that shock (in a good way) people from lethargic walks with Jesus to a vibrant, world-changing relationship. My heart, truly, is to see believers bloom where God has planted them.

After all, we only have today. Often we worry about yesterday. Or we stress out about tomorrow. But God calls us to bloom today. Right now. In the moment. Alive, receptive, tuned into the heartbeat of God. Today we are all missionaries in our contexts. Today we must hear His voice, then bloom in response. Amen.

Q4U: Look back on your life. When have you experienced the most radical change because of Jesus’ interaction in your life? How did you change? Did the change fade? How have you bloomed right now where you’re planted?