How Community Saved My Life & an Invitation to consider

Mar 9, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

When I felt like I didn’t want to continue on, God sent me a counselor in the 8th grade who must’ve known Jesus.

When those suicidal thoughts continued, another friend invited me to Young Life. Eventually, through that ministry, I met Jesus.

When my heart broke in far too many pieces in college, dealing with the aftermath of my childhood, several friends laid hands on me and prayed, prayed, prayed. So much healed then. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that circle of community who dared to pray me well.

When God asked me to do a very hard thing, something I didn’t think I could do, God sent me a steady, praying friend named Kathy who shouldered my task alongside me.

When my husband attended seminary and I had three young kids, God sent me seminary wives to shoulder the stress, pray me through, and encourage me toward writing.

When I wanted to fully pursue writing, God saw fit to send me a mentor, a critique group, and a community of writer friends to walk the journey alongside me.

In France, when I felt like I had zero friends (which was actually true), my friends in the states rallied around me in too many ways to quantify here. In many ways, they saved my life.

When we came home from France , broken and poured out, God sent amazing friends, old and new, to listen to me process the pain, to pray alongside me, to encourage me toward healing.

Community literally saved my life. Having friends utterly shifted the pathway I took.

Fact: we all need community. So much. But we’re living in such a fragmented, digital world, that we don’t take time to encourage each other, to really listen to each others’ burdens, to walk alongside. Now is the time to reorient ourselves toward community.

In(rl) is one answer to our needs. It’s a two-day conference held in folks’ homes around the country for encouragement, connection, tears, and laughter. I’m hosting one in Rockwall, Texas and would ADORE it if you could come. Do something for yourself today. Validate your need for community.

I’d encourage you to enjoy this event (either with me, or with friends in your area). Experience community, the kind of community that saves your life. Sign up here (it’s only $10). Click here to find out where there are groups in your area. Every single question you may ever ask about this event (including if you can meet in a barn) is answered here. Here’s the skinny on the convenient (near your home), inexpensive (ten buckaroos), and communal (you and your gal pals) conference.

And here’s the why-you-should-go video:

So would you join me? To celebrate Jesus and community together?