How can I pray for you today? Really!

Oct 14, 2011Mind if I pray for you?

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve started a new part of this site called Mind if I pray for you. I’m really excited about that, and so thankful for the privilege to pray for you.

But before I open it up to your sweet prayer requests, do you mind if I share a few of my own? Here they are:

  • Insomnia. Oh how I struggle. I’m just so tired. (And please don’t send me remedies. I’ve dealt with this for 18 years now and do have some solutions. The problem comes when I travel and everything gets whacked!)
  • Discernment about the next book I’m to write. I’m without a contract again, and I really need God’s guidance for the next step.
  • Rest. (I guess this ties in with the first one.) I need rest.

So what about you? How can I pray for you today?