Earl and Michelle

Sep 19, 2014Kingdom Uncaged

I received this email last month, and am still humbled by it. Not so much that the story ends with my books in the hands of folks (that’s cool), but the amazing heart of Sharron who loves who she can in the corner of her daily world. I pray this story blesses you mightily as it did me.


I befriended a homeless man last year. He’s at a corner I pass before getting on the interstate heading to work. I give him money when I have it. I’ve given him my lunch. Last Christmas I bought him and his wife a laundry basket of items. I also give him a smile each morning. His toothless smile makes my day each time I see him on the street corner. He brought his wife, Michelle, with him one day to meet me.

Two weeks ago she was with him on his street corner. She was reading a paperback book. She came over to my car and said hello.

I asked, “Do you like to read? What’s your favorite kind of books?” She gave me a toothy grin and said, “Anything.”

I promised to bring her some books.

I took her your books except Thin Places. I saw Earl on Monday and asked about Michelle. “Did she like the books?”

He said, “She read all of them and wants more.”

The next day Michelle was with him. She came over to my car to thank me for the books. “Those are the first Christian books I’ve ever read.” She said she really liked them and wants more.

Thought you’d like to know Jesus was shared with my two special friends, Earl and Michelle, through your writing.

Blessings and hope for today.


So, maybe we should start a book giving revolution, folks! We have shelves and shelves of Christian books, and lots of people who may not have read them. Consider this week how you can bless a potential reader with some good, God-honoring books.