Homecoming highlight pictures

Oct 10, 2010Family Uncaged

We had a great week. Enjoy these pictures from Homecoming, Rockwall, TX 2010.

The homecoming mum we made for Aidan’s date Libby.

Another shot of the mum.

The garter Sophie made Payden.

Aidan playing in the homecoming parade.

Sophie on the choir float for the homecoming parade. She makes a cute Dorothy.

Libby and the mum we made. Sophie as Dorothy.

Pep rally.

Sophie and Payden at the pep rally.

Friday night lights.

The team coming out.

The stands

A play.

Aidan marching at halftime.

Receiving the corsage. Homecoming dance.

Sophie and Payden Homecoming 2010.

At Harry Myers park.

She looked beautiful.

Walking toward the lake.

The group.

Julia ready for her junior high dance.

Julia twirling!

So pretty! She’s growing up.

Aidan and Libby, Homecoming 2010, freshman year.

Aidan and Libby.