Nov 21, 2006Find joy today

There’s a song I sing when the day is still and I want to sing a prayer. I learned it over 22 years ago. In high school I was a member of a small singing group called the Hi-Tones. We sang in malls over Christmas, performed at schools, and enjoyed each other’s company. We were a troupe of about fifteen girls and we wore very ugly dresses. (They were a horrendously bad red, long sleeved, long skirted, with ruffles. Ack.)

Our choir director was a Christian, and sometimes selected spiritually-centered songs. The one we sang for contest was a poem by James Whitcomb Riley, set to music. I pray this song/prayer blesses you today as it has blessed me these 22 years:

By James Whitcomb Riley

Dear Lord! kind Lord!
Gracious Lord I pray,
Thou will look on all I love,
Tenderly today!
Weed their hearts of weariness,
Scatter every care
Down a wake of angel wings
Winnowing the air.

Bring unto the sorrowing
All release from pain;
Let the lips of laughter
Overflow again;
And with all the needy
O divide, I pray,
This vast treasure of content
That is mine to-day!