Here’s an interesting question:

Feb 9, 2010Find joy today

Are you alive?

As I ran today, I spied a bird on a branch, flapping its wings.

Or so I thought.

As I neared it, I realized it was not a bird, but a dried out leaf, barely clinging to the branch, enlivened by the wind, not by a beating heart.

Suddenly, as if to show me the difference, a little bird flew near the leaf, showing off in flight.

The Lord, as He is apt to do, spoke to me in that moment. “So many are dried out leaves, not alive, tossed about by the wind of the moment. I want my children to fly. To live. To let me breath live and vitality into them. Which will you be, Mary?”

Oh, how I want to be that little flying bird, blessedly alive. Free. I don’t want to be a dried up leaf, tossed here and there by the cares of this world. I want my heart to beat. To thrum with life. To empower me to fly.

Dear Jesus, help me fly today. Invigorate my heart to beat for You, to love others for the sheer joy of making You smile. Breathe Your life into mine. I promise, by Your grace, to shout Your glory to the heavens. You are the Author of Life, after all. Amen.