How to Heal from the Past (video)

Aug 17, 2016Heal from the past

Don’t mind the crazed face of me! Above is my first FB live video about healing from the past. There are three things you need to do–practical things. I pray this blesses you! It’s only 12 minutes long…

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  1. Abigail

    Hi Mary, I was on your Not Marked book launch team and circled back to hear this fantastic video you made recently. Mary, the information you shared in these 12 minutes WORKS…I continue to practice the last step of renouncing the lies and accepting the truth. In fact, every time an inner self critic comment floats through my mind, I have begun saying the truth OUTLOUD. I need to hear it! And in the beginning, the truth may not ‘feel’ true but by hearing it, my faith grows and my feelings catch up. Again, thank you! I’m starting to write my own story and decided today, I need a coach to walk through it with me. From the launch team, I remember you said your husband wanted you to finish writing Not Marked fast because it was so difficult. I feel like all hell broke loose the day I said ‘yes’ to writing my story. And I am praying for help through the journey I believe I need to take in writing. Thanks so much for walking your walk bravely and I’m so glad to have checked back in to hear your video!

    • Mary DeMuth

      So proud of you for writing it, and be sure to have some people praying you through. And I agree about saying the truth OUT LOUD!

  2. Debbie Jones Warren

    This is a fabulous video, Mary. Thank you for encouraging us to tell the truth, pray the truth, and live the truth.

    • Mary DeMuth

      Thank you Debbie!