Have 9 Days of Meaningful Conversation around your dinner table! Free!

Mar 13, 2009Write!

I developed these nifty conversation starters while we were driving home from vacation. I grew tired of the game high/low around our table where we all shared the high of our day and our low. This had become monotonous. So I came up with 150 conversation starters to jumpstart our family of five’s chatty interaction around our table. The result? It worked! We learned so much more about each other in those 150 days.

If you’re interested in having a free sample of nine starters, click here.

If that piques your interest, you can purchase all 150 as a download here.

Consider this from my book Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture: “The more we value conversation and discourse, the more we cultivate discussion in our home, the better equipped our children will be. Some have called this developing our child’s ‘emotional intelligence,’ helping them to be able to interact in any situation. As we engage our children, we nurture this type of intelligence, where children learn instinctively how to think about the world and how to interact with the people in it.”

So make a (free!) investment in your family dinner times right now. The free starters are here.