Hats Cast Off

Jan 5, 2006Find joy today

Those of you who know me know that I’ve struggled as the New Year dawned with too many hats. Far too many for one girl. So I’ve worried and prayed and pled. Today, Jesus brilliantly answered my heart cries for rest.

Worship: I wear the worship leading hat on our church planting team. I love to worship, but I am not gifted at playing the guitar. Therefore, I stumble badly and don’t enter into worship like I’d like to. Tonight, Brigitte, a French worship leader, is coming to lead our home group in worship. I am utterly thrilled! Brigitte is coming with Samantha (fellow team member) and me to the Christian Associates worship arts conference this month. She’s an amazing musician, loves the Lord, and is gifted leading worship. I’m happy to have her wear my hat!

Money: I’m the accountant for my writing business and our home, so I was also asked to be the accountant for our church. I really wanted that hat off. Today, Patrick said, “Daniel taught me how to do the books. I’ll be doing the accounting.” He looks better in the money hat than I do.

Food: It’s Thursday, which means I have a big group of folks coming over for dinner and home group. Our friend Laina (along with her hubby and family) is visiting us from Amsterdam. She loves to cook (and is amazing at it). Tonight she’s bringing two big salads. Patrick brought bread. Valerie is bringing dessert. All I need to do is ready the two large salmon for the grill. Whew! Laina is a knockout in the foodie hat.

I was able to whittle the day away with writing. With a few deadlines looming, this is what I needed. I’m so thankful that God has heard my pleas and has helped me find a more manageable schedule. He is good.