Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Dec 24, 2010Family Uncaged

Eighteen reasons why I love my 18-year-old Sophie:

  1. She makes me laugh.
  2. She has a passion for theology.
  3. She has a great eye for photography.
  4. She prays and seeks God.
  5. She’s a great editor.
  6. She laughs easily.
  7. She makes funny faces. A lot.
  8. She loves her brother and sister.
  9. She is a safe driver.
  10. She has her own style.
  11. She is stubborn, but in a good way.
  12. She loves people who are different from her.
  13. She thinks through her decisions.
  14. She is real.
  15. She has a heart for the downtrodden.
  16. She thinks globally.
  17. She is creative.
  18. She loves her friends.

Eighteen years ago, Sophie hollered her way into our lives. I’ve been smitten ever since. I still can’t believe she’s an adult today!

May the Lord bless and keep you, Sophie. May He be your everything. May you love Him well. May you sense His nearness every single day of your life. May you know His will and walk in it. May you entrust your relationships, future, and hopes to Him.