Happy Birthday, Aidan!

Feb 11, 2014Family Uncaged

Today my son is eighteen years old. He’s six foot four, intelligent, thoughtful and amazing. (Yes, I’m a biased mom.) I can’t wait to see what God will do with his life in the coming years. Here are 18 things I love about Aidan.

  1. He has a heart for the less fortunate. When he was in sixth grade, he singlehandedly decided to raise money for a well in Africa, which ended up happening ($10,000!). We flew to Ghana together and experienced life change while there. Wow.
  2. He loves music. He’s awesome at trombone and euphonium. He gets 1s. He was band president this year.
  3. He loves his sisters very much. In fact, all three kids just flat out love each other.
  4. He has a soft spot for animals.
  5. He is as neat and tidy as anyone could be. In fact, he beats his sisters in the Room Cleanliness Awards.
  6. He is gutsy. Last year he tried out for a play (and got the part) even though he never had tried drama before.
  7. He is a very safe and cautious driver.
  8. He makes me laugh.
  9. He is deeply empathetic. He can read moods very well and offer sympathy.
  10. He is a good leader. Others follow him and respect him.
  11. He gives good gifts. He takes time to really consider what someone would truly, really want.
  12. He can grow a beard in 36 hours. He started shaving in the sixth grade.
  13. He wrestles with questions, but instead of keeping them inside letting them fester, he dares to bring them up.
  14. He also tries to keep short accounts with his relationships.
  15. He is well liked by his teachers.
  16. He doesn’t wear Axe cologne.
  17. He LOVES to worship. I love singing alongside him because we both pick a harmony.
  18. He respects his parents and expresses his love for us. It’s amazing to hear his “I love you, Mom” coming from such a deep voice.

Aidan, I love you. I’m so so so proud of you. Happy Birthday, son!