Happiest of Birthdays, Sophie!

Dec 24, 2016Family Uncaged

Normally I wax poetic about my child on a birthday, but this year I decided to share a photo essay with you. This year, my daughter Sophie and I had the privilege of traveling to Switzerland and Germany. She came as my assistant, and taught writers in Geneva, and helped me as I spoke in Germany at a women’s retreat. We had an amazing time. She is generous, smart, and wholly dedicated to Jesus. We had great conversations, and sometimes we got on each other’s nerves. But most of all, we traveled well together.

This is Sophie’s golden birthday, meaning she is twenty-four years old on the 24th of the month. Hooray! Happy golden birthday, my dear Sophie!


Outside Geneva. France is on the other side of the water.


Hiking in the hills above Burtigny, Switzerland.


Freezing to death during a bonfire at night, a few miles above Burtigny.


Tour of Geneva on the world’s longest bench.


A shot of a reformer frowning down upon us. 🙂


The amazing writers we had the privilege to teach.


Flying home!


  1. Susan G.

    Happy Golden Birthday Sophie!
    I was just sharing about the Golden birthday with my grandson who turned 13 on the 13th of September.
    So wonderful for your daughter to be able to travel with you and help in your ministry!
    Awesome photos! And many wonderful memories I imagine too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Mary DeMuth

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Susan!