Handmade Solution to an Age Old Problem: Messy Purse! (and a giveaway!)

Jul 12, 2011Family Uncaged

I’ve admired Moxie Mandie for some time now. Hop on over to her store and see what I mean!

So we decided to exchange our goods. I gave her a copy of The Muir House, and she sent me these cool little clutches that I absolutely adore. I think I got the better end of the bargain!

My dilemma lately has been the dark hole called my purse. As I thought of how I would use these two clutches, my purse actually called out to me and said, “Um Mary?”

“Yes, Dark Hole Purse?”

“I’m a little annoyed at the mess.”

“Me too.”

“Well,” DHP said, “You can do something about it. Besides I’m tired of you messing with me every time you’re looking for your keys. It’s annoying.”

“I hear you,” I said.

So here’s my photo essay of Dark Hole Purse blessedly transformed to Lovely Happy Clutch.

The Dark Hole Purse in its terrible glory.

Moxie Mandie to the rescue with a clutch!

But wait! The clutch gave birth to a wee little clutch!

Aren’t they cute? My Dark Hole Purse could hardly wait. (Well, since it’s an inanimate object, I suppose its job is to wait.)

“Hey, don’t call me inanimate,” DHP retorts.

Oh the beauty! I placed my Truvia packets in the little brown and orange zipper pocket. Then I placed my mints, biz cards, pens, paper, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer,  and little change purse inside. Those are the main things that rumble around and make mayhem.

“You’re telling me,” my DHP tells me.

And voila! Thanks to Moxie Mandie, my DHP is now a LHC, Lovely Happy Clutch! Woohooo!!


Would you like a purse makeover? Or you’re just smitten with Moxie Mandie’s creations? To win this dark blue batik clutch, you can enter three ways. Each one of your comments on this post is an entry. Here are the 3 different ways to comment:

  1. Go to Moxie Mandie’s store and write a comment on the product you like best.
  2. Tweet this: Find the secret to a well organized, happy purse & possibly win a handmade clutch! Click here. http://bit.ly/qMZlth
  3. “Like” Moxie Mandie on Facebook

There you go! I hope you win because I want your purse to win!