Half off 11 Secrets + Free Webinar! Woot!

Feb 12, 2013Archive

It’s a rainy day here, a rare treat for these parts. In this season, I’ve been working with Author Media to add a new-fangled store to my website. But until it goes live, I have a wee little offer to share with you:

You can get the PDF of 11 Secrets of Getting Published for only $4.99 on my site for a limited time while the new store is percolating. Click that link for more information on the book. But here’s the gist in a nutshell: It’s everything I know about publishing in one book, a couple hundred pages of insider information about writing, finding an agent, and marketing. The Kindle version retails for $9.97, and the physical books is $14.97, so this is a savings of 50% and more. 🙂 Enjoy.

Last, I have the privilege of talking with author and pastor John Burke next Monday (and your’e invited). He’s written an extraordinary book entitled, Mud and the Masterpiece. He touched on something inside me so deeply that it’s hard for me to articulate why I loved this book so much. He writes of deeply interacting with others in an invitational, grace-infused way. He doesn’t shrink back from the gospel, sharing it freely, but he also lives an exceptional life.

I’d like to invite you to join me for this webinar. We’ll be talking about people, Jesus, the gospel, and living an adventurous faith. I personally CANNOT wait to talk to him, and I have this sneaking suspicion that you will walk away from our conversation changed and challenged. Will you join us?

Monday February 18th at 12:00 CST. Register here (it’s free).

Don’t worry if you can’t make the EXACT time. It’s okay. We’ll send you the recording after the fact. (Be patient. It’ll take a few days to render the recording).

Be on the lookout for my announcement post this Friday.

It’s the day my cookbook, The Irresistible Table releases. 🙂 If you could hold off on purchasing it until then (if you were intending to), that would be great. Why? I’m going to offer three of my novels FREE to everyone who purchases it. The Friday post will detail the whole, fun deal.

(Fun side fact, I designed the first and third cover. The middle cover . . . so stunning . . . was designed by George at Tekeme Studios. Click here to see his other cover designs.)

Now, let’s end this post properly, shall we? With prayer:

Jesus, I pray for my friend that You would help us all live irresistible lives, full of Jesus, full of hope. Instead of bitterness, give us joy. Instead of hanging on to injury, give us the gift of releasing. Instead of fear, become our courage. Instead of worry, replace it with true, deep, settled faith. Be so near we can hear Your whispers. We need You so much. Amen.

P.S. I just worked several hours on my FREE STUFF page, full of tons of articles that’ll bless your parenting, business, and personal life. Click here to see all the freebies.