Haiti Bound {Please pray}

Sep 7, 2012Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

I’m so excited to share this awesome news with you. My son Aidan headed to Haiti this summer. The kernel of the trip I’m taking had wormed its way into my heart, so I told him, “Scout it out for me, son.” Which he did. He came back changed, challenged, and grateful. He told me I’d be changed. I hope so.

I hope the same for me and my new-to-be friends who will be venturing to Haiti October 8-12–in a month from now. It’s a week before Everything releases, which will be a beautiful reminder of what truly, truly matters in this world. Love. Jesus. Helping others. Living simply. Praying.

I’m traveling with Help One Now, a group that helps folks folks manage life in crazy circumstances. I’ll be on the ground in Haiti, meeting ministries, interacting with folks battling poverty, and taking pictures. My invitation? You can come along, in my pocket, okay? I promise to post frequently and honestly. And I pray that both of us will emerge on the other side changed, changed, changed.

Jesus is apparent on the faces and in the lives of those who wear distressing disguises. I am going to Haiti to hug and shake hands and eat with Jesus. Pray for me, would you? Mostly that I’ll be broken in all the right places for the sake of the Kingdom.

What can you do besides prayer?

And follow us along as we tweet and blog about our trip. We’ll be using the hashtag #Help1Haiti.

Q4u: For those of you who have ventured to Haiti, do you have any advice? Things to see? How to pray? Thanks!