Guilt Never Saved the World

Jun 12, 2013Kingdom Uncaged

When I went to Haiti, I didn’t know my world would crumble when I came back. When I ventured to South Africa, I didn’t know I’d come home to death. Both stories, of Julia’s hospitalization and Mark’s passing juxtaposed with the needs of the rest of the world shows just how important humans are. And that’s what this year’s Idea Camp is about.


It’s about helping (well) and loving people, no matter where they live. It’s not about giving you a guilt trip for not gallivanting around the world. Guilt never saved the world. Jesus did. And Jesus found ways to love the folks in front of Him. He dignified the lonely, listened to the restless, hugged the outcast. And so can we.

How best can we figure out how to care for folks? That’s the subject of Idea Camp. I wish I could go this year, but my son’s senior year dictates that I stay near home and engage well with him and his amazing life.

But I want to invite you to Idea Camp because some of my most favorite people ever are there. You will discuss. You will mingle. You will come up with real life solutions. You will fall in love again with the local church. And you will make lasting, permanent, cool friendships.

A few months from now (September 20-21), these awesome folks (along with YOU) will be congregating in Austin to talk about caring for the needs of the world and how the church can do it best. It is a two day gathering with some of the most interesting and amazing practitioners in all of the various aspects of God-centered human care in the country.

Idea Camp is more of a conversation than it is a conference. How can the church better care for the world and what does that look like? Join us in September in Austin.

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