Guest Post at Live Uncaged. Here’s How!

Jun 26, 2012Heal from the past



In the spirit of conciliation and cooperation, I’m inviting you to be a part of the Live Uncaged discussion. How? By featuring your thoughts and stories. I’m really excited about being more intentional about featuring other bloggers, particularly around the theme of joyful freedom and living uncaged.

Posts will be featured on Saturdays.

Here’s the skinny for your future post of genius:

  • No more than 500 words.
  • A catchy title. (Need help on headlines? Try Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich. The title might sound cheesy, but it’s a very helpful book.)
  • Remember to use short paragraphs and bullet points to divide up the white space. Big blocks of text are intimidating and hard to read. Use headings as well.
  • An original piece that you haven’t used before. Keep it fresh!
  • A commitment to not posting it elsewhere.
  • The post must not be advertising your product or services. If you’d like to do that, please click here for sponsored post information. Or if you’d rather advertise, I have some very affordable options, starting at $15 a month here.
  • Should relate to living uncaged in some way and must absolutely fit my audience.
  • Include a picture (attach a good quality pic so it won’t be pixel-y).
  • Your bio of three sentences max with your website/blog, and social media handles.

Before you submit, consider my expectations:

  • General social media and blog stats: 1000+ Twitter followers, 10,000 pageviews on your blog a month, 500+ fans or friends on Facebook. While this isn’t completely set in stone, it does help me to see if you have the ability to send people to the post. I’d like this to be a win-win for both of us.
  • As my guest here, consider being a great host. Interact with the comments. Setting up your own Disqus profile will better help facilitate this.
  • Tweet and Facebook the post, possibly sharing your guest posting opportunity with family and friends via email.
  • Read this post by Jeff Goins about being an awesome guest poster.

What you need to send to be considered:

  1. Email the <500-word post to Do not attach it; simply paste it in the body of an email. You may attach a photo.
  2. Briefly list your social media numbers (pageviews per month on your main site, Twitter followers, Facebook friends/fans. See above for minimum requirements).
  3. Let me know how you’ll plan to share the post.
  4. Remember, this must be an ORIGINAL post, not a re-post of something you’ve already written.

I will typically get back to you within a week of receiving your post. I also reserve the right to edit it.

If I won’t be able to use your post, I’ll send a standard rejection. I wish I had time to discuss with you why it didn’t work out, but I don’t. However, don’t be discouraged if you get a no. I’ve received many nos from great bloggers, only to try again and make it in. Be tenacious! Besides, if I reject it, you’re free to move about the galaxy with it, however you want. It’s not wasted!

I look forward to seeing what amazing posts you’ll send my way. Please keep in mind guest posts are running about 3 months out.

With joy,

Mary DeMuth