Grow: Do Risky Things

Aug 9, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

I’ve wanted a tattoo for many years. More than five. Initially I wanted a Celtic cross on my wrist, but eventually I camped on Jesus. So simple. A great reminder of who I love so, so much.

The problem? Needles.

I’d worked through the Leviticus issue many years prior, but that paled in comparison to the poking needles into my body deliberately issue.

When I was younger, nurses had to chase me around the room to give me a shot. They held me down while I screamed like an attacked bunny (Click here to hear a bunny holler). It wasn’t a fun situation. For anyone.

Thankfully I don’t bunny-scream now. But I do fret. I’m not one to willingly let someone inflict pain on me.

But on our vacation to Destin, I’d had enough of my bellyaching. I researched places, found one, made an appointment and actually fulfilled it. (Later my kids and hubby said they were shocked that I went through with it.)

The skinny? Not as bad as I thought. Less than 8 minutes of cat-scratching pain, but quite tolerable.

The best part? How I felt afterward. Such elation! I’d conquered a fear. Did something a bit crazy! In the aftermath, I felt invincible and joy-filled. It made me realize that so much of my life is held back in fear.

Is that the way with you too? You don’t do adventurous things because you prefer what is known? I agree. Comfort and known things are very sweet. The problem is that no one grows without risk.

In Ghana, we did door to door evangelism. To be honest, I was terrified. But I did it. And God did amazing things despite my fear. He encouraged others through me. He met me in my fear. He helped me overcome. And I had the privilege of seeing the gospel in power.

Q4u: What one thing have you wanted to do (or felt prompted by God to do) that you’re afraid to try? What holds you back?

BTW, the font I used for Jesus is called Nilland.