Great News in France

Apr 13, 2006Family Uncaged

Mind if I share a few praises?

Julia got the BEST grades in her class in Math. She came home SO proud of her report card. Her teacher wrote glowing things about her. Yesterday, I found this piece of paper:
It seems Julia figured out the futur tense on her own and has started conjugating every verb she knows into the future! And, our little second grader is doing multiplication! Wow.

On Monday, I walked home with a neighbor. I’d been chastising myself (I do that far too much. My friend Hud tells me I have an over active conscience that I need to tell to be quiet) for not speaking French enough. Along came the neighbor and we chatted in French all the way home. It may not seem like much, but it’s a milestone for me.

And then today at 11:56 AM, I typed the last word of my postmodern parenting book. This gives me plenty of time to edit it before I send it off June 1st. What a relief! Thank you Jesus!