Great Conference

Sep 24, 2006Write!

I just finished attending the ACFW conference in Dallas. Wow.

The best part? Seeing faces!

I got to meet face-to-face with many of my Master’s Artist friends. Folks who I’ve emailed several times, now are three-dimensional.

I had the privilege of teaching a class about the interior life of the writer. I talked about how God uses the journey of publication to hone our hearts. I talked about Jesus, how our view of Him infuses our stories. I challenged writers to dare to let Jesus heal them of past and present pain, so that their stories would ring authentic. I had a terrific time sharing my heart, crying a bit, and being filled because I poured my tired self out. It’s a strange paradox, isn’t it? To pour out and yet be filled.

I’ll add some pictures in a few days.

I’m dog tired, though. Tired to the bone. Not enough sleep and lots of teaching has taken its toll. I fly somewhere else tomorrow, only to come back the next day and fly back to France. Ahhh, it will be lovely to be back in my own bed!