Great Blogging Resources for all your bloggy selves

Dec 16, 2008Archive

I got a grade on my blogs and websites recently. I got a B a C and two Fs. Being a type A to the A-th degree, this was disconcerting news indeed. I need to optimize. I need to make sure my domains don’t expire. I need to connect things (still don’t understand all that) and I need to add pictures, or delete them, or something. (My thanks to Tekeme Studios for helping me with the things I don’t understand, particularly how to add descriptions and metatags.)

If you’re interested in getting your grade, hop on over to Website Grader and type in your blog and/or website. You can do it here.

And while we’re on the subject of optimization, here’s a really good article about improving your bloggy ways. It’s called Five Ways to Imitate the 10 Most Popular Blogs. You can read it here. And if you’re curious about Technorati’s top 100 blogs, check out the list here. How does your blog compare? Or does it?

By the way, if your blog is not trendy looking and you’re using a standard bloggish template, direct your significant other to Tekeme Studios. They do great blogskins. Can you think of a better Christmas gift? A better way to start off the new year, but with a fresh, cool look? Prices range from 45 buckaroos to 140 for a turbo-powered blogskin. Besides, you really don’t need another frying pan or drill or pair of slippers, right?

And here’s one more great product that will turn your blog space upside down and right side up and everything in between. Jim Rubart and Laura Christiansen wrote a book called ‘Blogophobia Conquered’: Overcome Your Fears & Create an Amazing Blog. You can find out more about this important e-book here.

They also have a great post called, “Building Community Through Blogging.” You can read it here.

I hope all these resources prove to be helpful to you as you work through optimizing your blogs. Here’s hoping I can get an A soon! And while we’re at it, let me ask you this: what’s one way I can improve this blog?