Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye

Sep 9, 2011Family Uncaged

We said goodbye to our dear Sophie a few weeks ago. I didn’t cry, which surprised me. I knew the tears would come, and they did. But I’m having fun seeing how God is changing our relationship even more, and doing such good work in Sophie as she’s away. It’s a delight to see her stretch and grow and change.

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, as I’m sure you’re aware. That Saturday I got a call from Sophie. She said she needed to talk to me about something important, and she sounded a bit frantic. “Can you skype with me in 15 minutes,” she asked. “I woke up late and have to take a shower first.”

I said sure, then waited fifteen minutes, looking forward to our Skype shat. But fifteen minutes passed, then 20. I tried not to be that intrusive mom who pesters her child. I waited five more minutes, all the while wondering what it was she needed to talk to me about. A bit frazzled, I sat down at my computer to tackle some email while I waited.

A knock sounded at the door. Who would be knocking at the door at 11:00 AM? Probably someone selling something. I grunted, then grumbled to the door, opening it, expecting to see a Boy Scout or a person with a clip board and 23 tattoos.

But no.

It was Sophie! That little deceiver! She came home on a whim to surprise us. We had a terrific weekend, and my heart felt full.

I hated saying goodbye again. Even Aidan said, “It was harder to say goodbye this time because now I know what it’s like without her.” They hugged a long time. Patrick, Julia and I loitered outside by her friend’s car as they drove away. So the past month has been goodbye, hello, goodbye, the second goodbye being harder than the first.

But oh how I’m happy about that hello.