Good Isaiah Verses

Nov 30, 2005Find joy today

I found this verse today and it blessed me. I pray it blesses you as well.

Isaiah 58:8-12
“Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard. Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; You will cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’ If you remove the yoke from your midst, The pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness, And if you give yourself to the hungry And satisfy the desire of the afflicted, Then your light will rise in darkness And your gloom {will become} like midday. And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.”

May it be this holiday season that we stop pointing the finger and we endeavor to find Jesus on the face of the poor. May the Lord Jesus satisfy you in scorched places like a cool drink on a sweaty day. May your gloom fade with noon sun. May your bones be strong. May your life be a garden where others can feast because of His abundance.