God uses unpublished words

Nov 10, 2004Write!

On my way to pick up the kids to school today, under the blue French sky, I realized something. God uses unpublished words.

I have an article that was bought, accepted, and yet has never seen the light of day. Last week, I gave that article to some friends of mine because it specifically dealt with an issue they faced. Perhaps I wrote that article just for them.

My husband is reading my second novel. I don’t know if that one will ever be published–it’s a bit controversial and edgy for the CBA. But, I know that even if he is its only reader, I can be thankful because in some ways, Patrick is learning more about me in its pages. Perhaps I wrote that novel just so he could understand me, that we could have improved fellowship.

Once a professor at DTS read a short story I wrote entitled “The Stand Castle.” Said it changed his day. Impacted his life. Perhaps I wrote that story for his sake alone.

Publishing isn’t the climax of life. If we are not published it does not mean our words are unheard. Sharing words with friends and spouses and professors may come with little acclamation, but the potential still exists for lives to be changed. Never despise small beginnings. Never think that prose unpublished is failure. It is failure when we fail to heed the still, small voice and never share our prose with anyone.

Remember, it’s not the size of the audience that matters. It’s the size of the God who touches even an audience of one.