Ghana Update: A Few Tears

Apr 17, 2008Archive

Dear Praying Friends,

I made the mistake of showing Sophie the picture above on Monday. Being tenderhearted toward children, she immediately loved those little kids–the children Aidan and I will have the privilege to meet in two months. A little later, she seemed out of sorts. I fought my fatigue, longing to crawl into bed, but the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit beckoned me. I mounted the stairs to Sophie’s room and found her crying.

“I want to go to Ghana, Mom,” she said.

We talked through her sadness. She shared that she really, really wanted to go on a mission trip this summer, or have a chance to visit her friends in France. I had no solution for her other than to pray this prayer: “Lord, would You surprise Sophie with a unique Sophie-shaped mission opportunity this summer?”

Would you take a moment to pray for Sophie? That God would show her His sovereign plan for her life as Aidan and I venture to Ghana?

Aidan and I get shots next week. Please pray for provision for these, as they’re expensive and it’s something we’ll have to pay for.

Praise: we’re at 74% of our needed goal. We need $1600 more dollars to pay for the trip in full.

Cool thing: I’m now a Compassion International speaker. If time allows in Accra, we may have the opportunity to visit a Compassion project.

Aidan and I feel humbled and joyful to have this opportunity and are so thankful for your prayers and provision. May the Lord bless you with sufficiency and peace today.

With joy,
Mary and Aidan DeMuth

If you’d like to give:

By mail: Send donations to International Hope & Heritage
P.O. Box 2196, Rockwall, TX 75087. On a separate piece of paper, let them know this is for the DeMuth family going to Ghana. Make checks payable to IHH.

By email: Here is the direct link to International Hope & Heritage: Once you’ve sent in your payment, they will contact you specifically to ask where you’d like the funds to be directed.