Get past the past

Dec 12, 2010Find joy today, Heal from the past

I’m thrilled to be offering a labor of love that’s taken me years to bring to you. It’s my six part healing retreat called Get Past the Past. It’s like getting a healing retreat without having to fly anywhere or spend a ton of money. I gave these messages at my church to our Life Group in the summer of 2010. It was a blessing (but also very hard) to share my story and see how God chose to use my small words to bless those who listened. We experienced healing together, in community.

I wish I could promise you’ll be 100% healed of your emotional scars after listening to these 6 messages. That process takes a lifetime, and we won’t experience full healing until we see Jesus again. But I can say that if you dare to take some tentative steps toward healing, you’ll be surprised at how free you’ll feel, how better you’ll be able to cope with the pain you face today, and how you’ll begin to see the past as a gift and the future as something full of hope and anticipation.

It’s my prayer that you won’t be the same person after hearing these messages. It’s my prayer that you’ll be changed and moved.

Let the healing journey begin. Click here to read more about the audio retreat.