Get Outta the Box, Folks!

Sep 24, 2010Find joy today

There are the way things are supposed to be, right? The correct way to tie your shoes, eat a watermelon, run a race . . . And yet, I’m convinced that perhaps the greatest genius comes in defying the correct way. Exploding it. Thinking of it in a new way. That’s the height of creativity.

I’ve been thinking about publishing lately, how it works, what to do, how to live within that system. And I’m discouraged, to be frank. The box I’ve happily jumped into has been safe, yes, but has it been me? Is it what God wants me to do? So I’ve lived with a holy discontent. A wondering at what He may be moving me toward. I don’t know what it would look like to step outside of the box. I only know I always need to be nimble to whatever the call of God might be.

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be in Cape Town for the Third Lausanne Congress. I have this unction that nothing will be the same after that conference. I’ll meet Jesus followers from all over the world. I’ll meet people who suffer for their faith. I’ll see the body of Christ afresh, in diversity. In a very real sense, I’ll see the beauty of Jesus manifesting His presence through a variety of cultures and people. I’ll see the church de-boxified.

Obviously, it’s not just publishing I’m thinking about. It’s my easy, suburban life. I admit, I like it. It’s comfortable to me. I like routine. I love my home. I like feeling grounded to a community. I adore my church. But there has to be more than just living by the rules of the American dream. There has to be.

I’m risk avoidant, and yet I sense God’s clarion call for me to dare break through the cardboard of my flimsy view of the kingdom and trust God for different things. New things. Surprising things. Things where I need His strength (not mine) to accomplish them.

What about you? What’s your box? Suburbia? Publishing? How you raise your kids? Your job?

And how is God wooing you out?