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May 8, 2015Kingdom Uncaged

I’m really excited to let you know that The Day I Met Jesus Master Course is now an Online Version, in addition to the physical Home Edition. So if you live overseas and have been wanting to go deep with Jesus, you can absolutely do that now. Or if you’re in the States and you prefer PDFs to paper and MP3s to CDs, you can have it all. 🙂

And if you’ve wanted several of my books FREE, this course offers Beautiful Battle, Live Uncaged and Watching the Tree Limbs as bonuses.

Here’s what you get in the course:

20 Audio Sessions

  1. Mary and Frank Tell the Story Behind the Book
  2. Mary and Frank Speak on the Five Women
  3. Mary and Frank Talk about Jesus, Hope, and Unanswered Prayer
  4. Christ in You – a message by Frank
  5. You in Christ – a message by Frank
  6. My Testimony – a message by Mary
  7. Overcoming Relational Heartache – a message by Mary
  8. God’s View of a Woman – a message by Frank
  9. God Is For You – a message by Frank
  10. What Will They Think? – a talk by Mary
  11. Rest, Rest, Rest – a talk by Mary
  12. Pressing into the Kingdom – a message by Frank
  13. Who is This Woman? – a message by Frank
  14. Why Be Kind? – a talk by Mary
  15. Do I Really Have to Forgive? – a talk by Mary
  16. Introduction to Thin Places by Mary
  17. Diary of a Desperate Samaritan Woman – a message by Frank
  18. God’s Favorite Place Part I – a message by Frank
  19. God’s Favorite Place Part II – a message by Frank
  20. God’s Favorite Place Part III – a message by Frank

Workbook Table of Contents

  1. God’s View of a Woman
  2. God Sees It
  3. Mary Magdalene
  4. The Beauty of Detractors
  5. Who Are You, Really?
  6. Stop Yelling at Yourself
  7. Jesus and the War on Women
  8. Breakdown to Breakthrough to Breakout
  9. No Matter What People Say About You, Follow Jesus Anyway
  10. Action Plans & Bonus Books

8 Bonus eBooks

Beautiful Battle by Mary – Kindle & Nook

Live Uncaged: Find the Freedom You’ve Always Wanted by Mary – Kindle & Nook

Watching the Tree Limbs: A Novel by Mary – Kindle & Nook

Epic Jesus by Frank – Kindle & Nook & PDF

God’s Favorite Place on Earth (Introduction & Chapter 4) by Frank – PDF

If God Wrote Your Biography (from Jesus Manifesto) by Frank – PDF

The Forgotten Tree (from Jesus Manifesto) by Frank – PDF

Reimagining a Woman’s Role in the Church by Frank – PDF

If you’re interested, you purchase the course here.