Frenzied by the Festive Fray

Dec 22, 2006Uncategorized

That line came from the musical-version of It’s a Wonderful Life. Patrick played Harry Bailey then, the brother-of-George pilot who saved the shipful of troups.

Now Harry, er, Patrick, has flown our family to a new venture. I find it quite ironic that my name is Mary and we’ll be living in a barn (yes, literally) on Christmas, and that fourteen years ago, I was Mary giving birth to a baby on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday the kids and I finished our shopping endeavors in the hallowed, scary halls of WalMart. Actually, the better word is to say “survived.” We survived. And it wasn’t too bad. Normally I’m the anal-retentive type who has Christmas figured out in June, but with all this transition, we’ve ended up being last minute shoppers. So, yeah, we’re a bit frenzied by the festive fray.

Even so, I’m learning new things about “homelessness.” We are not homeless in the purest sense of the word. We have a nice cozy home with terrific heat (oh how I missed HEAT when we lived in our home in France. Central heat is a gift!!!). But we don’t have a permanent place yet. Jesus didn’t either when He stooped low to earth to be born of Mary. He left his home, Paradise, to dwell among the earth dwellers. The Bible says He had no place to lay His head.

In that way, I feel small. I sit in awe. I can barely endure transition, longing-longing-longing for a permanent home, but Jesus endured that for thirty-three years, all for our sakes. I love Him all the more because of it. I need His assurance all the more as well. Because He walked where I walk today–in that netherworld of transition and vagabond ways.

Yeah, we’re a bit frenzied by the festive fray, but even more we’re grateful. God has blessed our family beyond measure. We love each other. We have each other. We enjoy each other’s company, even in cramped quarters. We love Jesus. We have terrific friends who tangibly show us the love of Jesus and extended family who are happy to have us in the states. The sun is rising over the ranch, pinking the horses and beautifying the pastures.

Thank You Jesus.