Freedom Connection: You can be free!

Nov 19, 2011Heal from the past

Today I’m grateful to have Tammy Bunk from Freedom Connection share with us about how to be set free. I pray her words bless you.

Do you desire to live in freedom? We were created for freedom, not for bondage. Yet, as we journey through this life it is easy to get ensnared by things that keep us from living in the freedom we so desperately desire. Sometimes what keeps us bound acts like hand-cuffs that prevent us from experiencing true freedom. It seems that we barely function. We find ourselves unable to make wise choices, walk in discipline and control over our thoughts or bodies. We find it impossible to experience our God-given destiny. Bondage, if not dealt with early, progresses to what feels like chains or prison bars around our souls.

I am familiar with bondage that steals our freedom and wants to steal our lives. I once was bound by overwhelming fear, shame and addiction. The “prison” for me was sex and pornography addiction. For others of you, your struggle may be addictions of shopping, alcohol, food or drugs. You may be tormented by fears and shame that comes from lies you have believed. You may be carrying baggage from the generations of your family. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, you can grasp hold of HOPE today.

Freedom is possible. I know because for the past seven years, I have lived a life free of addictions and habits that once controlled me. My life is not without challenges or pain, but my spirit soars and I am free to make the choices that God has intended for my life. Through my own experience, God has given me valuable keys to walking in freedom and staying there. Today I extend my hand and reach out to you with HOPE.

Living in freedom has given me a new life and purpose! God has given me a passion to help other women both find and continue walking in freedom. I believe that much of this is accomplished through God’s presence as He does what only He can do, partnered with the practical, as we do what only we can do. His presence with your practical action work together to bring lasting change.

I have founded a ministry called Freedom Connection to help women on their journey. Just as freedom is critically important in our lives, so is connection: they work together! An intimate relationship with God together with healthy personal relationships is key to a fulfilling life.

Please visit Freedom Connection at Many resources are currently available to help you find freedom. You can find opportunities for community interaction, interviews, and testimonies by those who are walking in freedom, as well as books and CDs.

No matter what you struggle with, you are not alone. In our society today, there are countless women who struggle with addiction, who feel alone and hopeless because they do not know where to go for encouragement and help.

So let’s come together in community and see what God will do! My life is a story of redemption, yours can be too!