Free Webinar: Master Social Media Joyfully

Jan 29, 2013Find joy today, Work Uncaged


Next Tuesday February 5th, I have the privilege of partnering with Thomas Umstattd of Author Media to talk about social media with joy. So many of us are freaked out by social media and certainly don’t think of the word JOY when we ponder it. More like: obligation, stress, inferiority, fear.

In order to create the kind of platform that gets noticed, one that integrates social media with your amazing website, you need to develop a social media strategy that begins with peace and joy. Learn to utilize your own strengths as you tweet and facebook and pin. Take into consideration your own unique gifting as you evaluate which social media outlets to utilize.

Why Mary: I’ve learned to grow my influence slowly, over time, in a way that make sense to me. I’m not a social media rockstar, but I do have engaged followers and high interaction. When I couple my own personality and way of doing things (with joy) with my web presence, a cool synergy happens.

Why Thomas: Thomas is an expert on trends, social media, and highly optimized websites. He’ll help you understand everything that’s available to you, the nuts and bolts of social media, and the power of a strong website.

So together we’ll help you develop your own social media strategy that brings maximum traffic to your site and maximum joy in the process. Stop dreading Twitter and join us!

The seminar is FREE. Yep, FREE. And we’ll be taking questions, too. It’s next Tuesday February 5th at 2:00 CST.

Space is limited so sign up now.