For the person who has everything …

Consider giving Everything. 🙂

On this cyber Monday, I’d like to remind you about how cool BOOKS are as gifts. Everything is just one small example. Books have the beautiful potential to change people. Ideas, stories and anecdotes make us empathetic, more human.

I wrote a piece about the power of fiction here entitled Why Christ Followers Should Read Fiction. Feel free to pass it on to folks who snub fiction as being untruth. 🙂

I created this graphic for all you bibliophiles out there. Share widely, with your friends, followers and peeps.

Since I mentioned a few I liked last week (business books) and the week prior (spiritual growth books), it’s now YOUR TURN.

Q4u: What books have you most loved GIVING? What books have you most loved RECEIVING? Let’s build a cool list today.

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