Food for the Week

OK, folks, here’s what we had/are having. I’m posting my clam chowder recipe for the sake of Rebecca whose family came over and had it on the spur of the moment (I love spontaneous hospitality) and supped with us on Saturday.
Monday: Leftover lamb (Patrick made it yesterday, stuffed with bread crumbs, garlic, artichoke hearts. Yum!)
Tuesday: Burritos a la Chipotle (complete with black beans, jasmin rice, etc.)
Wednesday: Tortilla Soup (recipe below)
Thursday: Chili and polenta (the best combination of food ever. Make the chili in the crockpot in the morning, make the polenta as you make a salad. Slap a spoonful of chili, followed by a spoonful of polenta in a bowl. Top with sour cream, cheese, etc.) Absolutely FAB! Easy polenta recipe: Instead of water, use milk. It tastes much better that way. Coarse ground corn meal is called polenta or you can use very thick cut grits.
Friday: Salmon with secret salmon sauce.
Saturday: Homemade pizza
Sunday: spaghetti
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