First Freedom Friday . . . Forgiveness

Come check out the first Freedom Friday post over at My Family Secrets here. I have a sneaking feeling that a lot of Freedom Fridays (how folks found freedom from devastating family secrets) will deal with forgiveness.

Also, I’m looking for more Freedom Friday stories. My Family Secrets gets a lot of traffic, so if you’re looking to have some exposure, feel free to click the tab that says “Tell Your Secret.” You can certainly post your Freedom Friday post anonymously, or use your name, whichever you prefer. Or you can share a secret for the regularly-scheduled week anonymously.

And one more thing before I go: If you have a family secret, but you’re paralyzed by fear, consider reading the past posts and the comments. There’s a listing of topics on the right hand side like sexual abuse, affairs, drugs, secret children, etc. Although it’s been sad to read so many secrets, it’s also been exciting to know folks have dared to share something that they’d hidden in the darkness. Sharing the secret this way is their first step into the light. I’d love for you to comment and encourage these folks.

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