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Mar 14, 2013Find joy today

joyebook3I’m sure there are probably 1,254 steps toward Impossible Joy, but I decided to focus on 12. How’s that for reductionism? Efficiency? I know you have a busy, busy life, so that’s the reason for this quick-and-easy 50 page ebook.

My hunch is that the words “impossible joy” stuck together like that resonated with you. Maybe you’ve felt like you can’t imagine a joy-filled life. Maybe you have a friend or relative that emanates the kind of joy you’ve longed for, and you can’t seem to find it yourself.

I’ve so been there. Most of my life. I felt like a spectator to joy, as if it were a specter haunting me, teasing me. I had too many painful memories of the past that woke me up at night. I walked cynical, hardened by sexual abuse, my parents’ divorces, my father’s death, and a whole host of other disappointments and injuries.

I wore them like a badge for many years. I gained admiration for my ability to overcome them, but they were still stuck to me, still messing with the way I viewed my today. The past kept me hesitant, wary, and small.

When I met Jesus at fifteen, I naively thought that all my problems would disappear. I believed I’d find impossible joy right then and carry it with me forever. His death on the cross and raucous resurrection uncaged me from my sin and all that shame that hung like a noose around my neck.

But life showed up. Dealt me a few blows. And those memories kept haunting.

EverythingIn the past few years, God’s taken me on a freedom journey, one I’d like to share with you. These twelve steps aren’t scientific, but they are real, and they represent how God has helped me find impossible joy. They’re taken from my book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus.

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