Feeling left out? Read this.

Aug 6, 2015Find joy today

One of my greatest sadnesses in this life comes from a place of pain. I’m not sure exactly why, but as a child, I often felt on the outskirts, not a part. I observed a lot (perhaps this makes me a better novelist?). And oh how I longed to be part of the with it crowd. Not being included messes with me. I finally REALIZE this, thankfully.

So when I see something I’m not included in, it hearkens me back to feeling like a left-out kid at school. I’m learning to remind myself that I BELONG somewhere. I belong to my dear family. I belong to my amazing friends. I belong to a small group at church. I belong to my community in Rockwall. I belong.

Maybe you have felt this way before? Maybe you’ve felt left out as an adult, and it drops you right back into those old insecurities. I guess I’m here to say you’re normal and you’re not alone.

And maybe the whole point of this little post is to encourage all of us, me included, to watch for people who line the margins, who don’t feel included, and dare to pick others, to show them they belong.

We’re all just a bunch of misfits anyway. Why not just hang out?