Some Favorite Things!

Nov 7, 2013Find joy today

I thought I’d take a moment out of my busy blogging schedule to share a few of my favorite things of late. These are affiliate links, so I earn a small commission on each sale, which helps offset the cost of running this lovely, sweet website that Author Media created.

If you’re interested in any of these eclectic items, just click on the image.

This first coupon is actually for ME. Our couch is dying. We spent very little on it seven years ago (around 300 I think), and the back of it collapsed, causing strange sticks and nails to protrude from the back (not exactly people or pet friendly). And, no, this is not a high quality piece of furniture. I’ve had to stuff random pillows in the back to keep us from falling into the couch, and I’ve covered it with a couch cover. It’s not pretty.

I have my eye (actually I have two eyes) on this one:


Gray Mink Velvet Luxe Sofa Slipcover

If you’d like to save 25% on furniture (like I would), click the image below.

Whose life would be complete without this pillowcase? Doesn’t everyone need Nicolas Cage staring at them every. single. night?


This next book is one of my favorite, most convicting, compelling books I’ve read in the past few years. Since I’ve loved My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers has been an enigma for me. This book traces his early and late life. It made me want to live as he did, with hospitality and genuine servanthood. If you like biographies (and well written ones at that), this would be a great read. Or perhaps a great gift for a friend.


I use this keyboard every single writerly day. In fact, I wore the other one out (just like it) and didn’t want to change, so I bought the newer model of the same one. Everything is wireless. I have my laptop on a standing desk (which I got at Amazon for a steal), and my remote monitor and keyboard at my actual desk.


Yes, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. And so I’ve wanted a juicer for a while now. Once I had enough affiliate money, I picked up this juicer. It’s really, really good at what it does–pulverizing everything and making awesome juice. I like it better than my blender because I have this thing about pithy drinks that just gag me. So having all the pulp gone makes juice so much better!


I adore Dayspring products, and I’ve bought some pretty amazing gifts and housewares through them. For my friendship brunch in December, I typically buy a gift for each of my guests through Daysrping. Click this graphic to explore some pretty amazing deals. More will pop in on November 11th all the way until Christmas.

Here’s one of my favorite items:
Blessings of God - Dough Bowl

I’m super weird and excited about smell. Things must smell awesome, but I also don’t like the idea of chemicals or fake-o smells. Enter my friend Mrs. Meyers. She is AWESOME! This dish soap makes me smile. It seriously smells like LOVE.


I have officially become British. (My maiden last name is Walker, like the shortbread). I have a huge crush on Earl Grey tea, but it can get expensive. This Davidson tea bag is HUGE and affordable. It’ll keep me in tea for months. Woot! And it tastes amazing. LOVE it. I also buy their bulk hibiscus tea which is an amazing deal too. I grab a handful of it, throw it in some boiling water, boil it until the water turns hyper pomegranate color, then dilute with water and serve as iced tea. So very good.

Since the tea I buy is loose leaf, I’ve experimented a lot with various tea strainers, particularly the hinged ones. They all failed miserably, letting stray bits of tea to float around in my cup. I hate floaties! So this solved the problem beautifully. I heap a tablespoon of tea into the strainer, pour the hot water over, steep it a bit, then remove. It’s perfect, no floaties!


So now you know some of my quirks, likes, and strange product crushes. Blessings on your day!