Far from Jesus?

Apr 10, 2015Find joy today, Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

This week I wrote about my anger with God. It’s pretty darn honest. And I continue to work through my frustration. I certainly haven’t arrived at a pretty conclusion yet, but I do know this truth: God is good. Whether I feel He is or not. Whether my circumstances dictate otherwise (in my mind).

Which goes to show this is a battle of the mind, isn’t it? And the heart.

In my anger, I’ve distanced myself from Jesus. And yet He so gently leads me back, closer to Him through compassion, through worship, through church, through words of encouragement from friends, from you.

And even as I struggle, I have this desire that we all can sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary of Bethany (oh to live up to her name!) and soak up His presence, hear His words of life, let beautiful theology inform our worth.

So many times, I have believed my lack of worth. I have acted as my own condemner, shunning myself, donning the scarlet letter U (unworth), and believing lies about who I am. And listening to these lies (that sound an awful lot like my voice) makes me scurry away from Jesus because why would He want to spend time with me?

Have you ever asked yourself this?

There is hope, friend. In running to Jesus, discovering your identity (which is secure) in Him. I wish I could say I have this all down pat, but I have learned a bit on my journey, and my co-author Frank Viola has a lot to say about the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

All that to say, we have a course you might be interested in. It’s many of my most honest audio messages and several of Frank’s humble talks. Twenty messages (on CD) to be exact, and 9 ebooks, as well as a physical workbook to help you walk through spiritual growth. Cost is $67 and you can grab it here if you’re interested:

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Mind if I pray for you?

Jesus, thank You that we don’t have to have everything together to run to you. Thank You that You are big enough to shoulder our anger, and You already know it anyway. Thank You for loving us perfectly even as we condemn ourselves for our imperfections. Thank You that You simply want to spend time with us. We just need to know that truth today. Amen.