Every people-loving Christian should read this book!

Jun 11, 2009Write!


Maybe it’s because I think I left my heart in Africa, in the northern regions of Ghana. Maybe that’s why I loved this book. Or maybe it’s because I am deeply saddened by the state of children and women in some of the poorest nations on earth. Or because sometimes I don’t feel like I do enough and I need a swift kick in the pants to jolt me out of my American complacency to remember the marginalized. Despite the why, I’m thankful I read Scared by Tom Davis.

Davis holds nothing back. The reader feels the blow by blow atrocities through the eyes of a reporter who has his own soul issues. We see poverty. Crime. Sexual exploitation. Evil. Hunger. Disease.

But in the midst of that, we also see the uncanny grace God lavishes on those who suffer, yet bend toward His ear. We see humanity at its best, helping each other, vying to love. And we see sparkling hope in impossible places.

Such is the reach and scope of this book. Written with sparse, direct prose, Davis is a keen storyteller whose heart for the widow and orphan bleeds onto the page.

Don’t read this book unless you’re willing to be haunted, then changed. I promise you both things will happen. And in the midst of that, hope. Blessed hope.