Every entrepreneur needs a coach

Sep 21, 2011Work Uncaged

Last week I let discouragement hug, then mug me. Physically, I just didn’t feel right. Though I work out and watch my diet, nothing seems to move that scale. And in my career, some frustrating things piled on top of me at once, darkening my perspective.

But two significant things happened that day that changed everything. Two coaches talked me out of the ditch.

I believe every entrepreneur needs a coach. Of folks who act like a coach and help you figure out where to go, what to do next, and how to withstand stress and discouragement. In this case for me, my “coaches” were my boot camp instructor, Kelley, and my agent, Esther.

Kelley didn’t know I needed a lift, yet she said some life giving words to me. She noticed when I ran faster. And she said I looked better, that she could see the difference my effort was making. This turned my frown upside down!

And Esther called me that day, reminding me how far I’d come, what good happened in the moment, and pressed me to anticipate a joyful future. She told me to keep going, to not be discouraged, that someday all this hard work would pay off. I hung up feeling ready to conquer the publishing world.

I also have a business coach who gives me better perspective and excellent advice. And an advisory board who has faithfully listened to my business dilemmas and helped me navigate them. And a prayer team who prays me through every single book I write.

The skinny: we can’t do this alone. We need coaches in our lives to see our blind spots, point out our victories, and kick us in the behind once in awhile.

What about you? Do you have a coach? Why or why not?