Jun 16, 2007Archive

Its cold metal greeted my feet every morning, sending a shiver through my back. The downward glance of the neck strained my shoulder muscles. To see it, I had to look beyond myself, and when I did, my gut frowned.

O hellish one! You have taunted me and bothered me with your needled numbers. Caused waves of discontent to crash around my joy.

I banish thee.

To the bathroom closet you go, away, away, away from crabby eyes. You’ve stolen my contentment, robbed me of small moments. You’re not the measure of me. Besides, I’m in the best shape of my life. So there.

Goodbye bathroom scale. Good riddance for now. It’s you and People Magazine who’ve made me believe I was less than I was when there was a little more of me for my comfort. Be gone. Be banished, so I can drink my morning smoothie with a smile on my face.