Electric Fence or Tickling?

Sep 29, 2008Archive

Recently, a company sent me the Ennervive by Slendertone. Since they were kind enough to send it my way for free, I needed to try it and report back to you, my interested blog readers. Well.

When I was young, we had horses. Lots of them. One time we had seven horses on ten acres. How does this relate to the Enervive? Well, read on.

When I showed the device to my daughter Sophie and her friend, they instantly wanted to try it. Of course! Because it tones muscles without having to exercise. They strapped the pads on stomachs and arms and tried different programs. The result? I’m not sure. Because we haven’t continued shocking them yet. Perhaps that will come later. But their overall impression was that this device was a tickle machine. It tickled them, made them laugh.

For me? Not so much. When I attached the pad to my arm and Sophie put it on one of the lowest settings, I hollered, ripped off the pad, and instantly flashed back to life on the farm. You see, our horses needed fencing to keep them in. And if I was unlucky enough to fall toward our electric fencing and grab the tiny-gauged wire, I was electrocuted a little bit. That’s how the Enervive felt to me–a wee (or maybe not so wee) shock to my arm.

I’m sure this product would be helpful if you weren’t bothered by tickling or small electric shocks. It stimulates the muscles while you watch TV, after all. But for this ticklish, electric-shock-fearing family, it didn’t energize us.

However, if you are intrigued by this device, it can be yours. How? Write a poem with Slendertone and Enervive in it. I’ll choose the best, and send it to the winner.