Dummy Christians?

Oct 7, 2008Archive

Last week I was waiting for my airplane to come. I listened to the TV news while I read. One commentator stops me cold. “I mean, I can’t believe that 54% of Americans actually believe in Noah’s ark. This kind of magical thinking permeates society.”

His implication is that thinking people can’t believe biblical truth. Since when is belief an anathema to intellectual prowess? I hate to break it to him, but there are a lot of intelligent people who believe. I consider myself relatively intelligent. I’ve spent most of my adult life ruminating and wrestling through the Scriptures, analyzing, dissecting, obeying, understanding. And in that search, I find my intellect more keen, not less.

Why? Because God has an infinite mind, far higher than mine. I can never, ever grasp His intellect. I can never think my way around Him. I can never get to the end of His ability and intelligence. That keeps me searching and yearning and growing.

It does not make me a blind dolt. God’s intelligence makes me better, helps me reach higher. So to all those who believe belief is rudimentary and the result of an unintelligent populace, I ask this: Do you grasp God’s mind?