The Downton Abbey Rape: My Response

Jan 16, 2014Heal from the past


If you’re a fan on Downton Abbey, and you live in the United States, you saw last Sunday’s episode (spoiler alert) and are mostly likely still thinking about it. Anna’s reaction to the guest valet’s rape is a common one for sexual abuse victims, one I emulated for many, many years.

I have the privilege of discussing this difficult aspect of rape’s aftermath at Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics blog today. Click to read “Let’s Talk About What Happened on Downton Abbey.

not-marked copyIt seems there’s a need for the message of Not Marked, in so many ways, on so many levels.

I’m curious to see how the book will get into the hands of those who need it–both for victims and those who desperately want them to heal.

{Aside: I’m a bit overwhelmed at the launch of this book. If you have a moment, would you pray for me? That I would focus, find great media outlets–or they would find me–and find ways to share the message of this book. Thank you.}