Don’t I have a right to be angry?

Sep 17, 2014Q & A with Mary

This is part of the several-week, Ask Mary A Burning Question series. Below is a series of questions I answered a reader through email (used by permission). If you  have a question you’d like me to tackle, please write it in the comments section below.

Recently I received an email from someone who read my story. I’m sharing our email dialog with her permission (name withheld).

She asked, How can you let go so easily? Don’t I have the right to be angry?

Of course you have every right to be angry. Keep in mind my healing has taken place over DECADES. Letting go took decades!!! 🙂

But wouldn’t we be kept from heaven if we hold on?

No? Why would Jesus ban people from heaven for hurting? He is the only way to heaven, His death covers everything, thankfully.


We all have traces of it somewhere. None of us are perfect at forgiveness. Thankfully, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross even covers our bitterness. Of course you won’t want to live in that place forever because it’s not a good way to live.

Wish I lived close enough to sit down over coffee with you. You have such a beautiful perspective and we all need that person to call “friend.”

Jesus, please send NAME a sweet friend who will kindly listen to her story and validate her pain. Grieve alongside her, and show up in a cool way today. Amen.

It was a dumb question to ask to begin with. I apologize. I didn’t mean to make abuse victims seem like the Lord doesn’t love the hurt away but instead rejects you for it.

No question is dumb. Truly. It came from an honest place in your heart, and I heartily applaud you for being brave and vulnerable and amazing. We all feel this way from time to time, or we listen to those voices in our head that make us feel unloved by God. You are so very normal.