You Don’t Nurture What You Don’t See

Sep 16, 2013Find joy today


So there’s this patch of strawberry plants on the left hand side of my house. (Look above. That’s an actual picture of the neglect.) Beyond them is our broken gate–the one that’s rotted at the base, and if you push it slightly, the whole thing topples over. Yeah, gotta love home ownership.

Because the gate is not operational (as opposed to The Death Star which, as it turns out, is fully operational), I don’t ever venture by the lonely strawberry plants.

So they produce berries, and the berries either rot, or some hungry bird consumes them. This makes me sad. And kind of mad at myself, to be honest. Why don’t I take four silly minutes from my day to gather them? Weed the plants? Water them?

Because I do not see them.

And that’s the wee little principle the Lord reminded me of this week:

You don’t nurture what you don’t see.

The implications for our spiritual, family, and business lives are huge. If you stuff your problems, you can’t address them openly. If you ignore that painful relationship, it won’t grow. In fact, it will get worse. I’m reminded that those neglected parts of our lives are often the very things God brings to our attention so we will tend them.

So what is it you’re choosing not to see? What needs tending in your life?