Domestic Violence: A Huge Secret

Sep 22, 2009Family Uncaged, Kingdom Uncaged

Yesterday I posted over at Proverbs 31 about domestic violence, offering support and encouragement to those going through it. Through email, several blogs, and the comment section, I received about 25 interactions from folks about their issues and struggles.

It saddened me that so few really talk about it. Shame, particularly in the church, prevents women from getting safe, or feeling okay about taking shelter.

It’s one reason why I wrote Daisy Chain and the Defiance, TX trilogy. I wanted to give a voice for those who are going through this painful ordeal. I wanted to echo what Chuck Colson said about abuse here.

If this is your story, or the story of a friend, please forward the link for the post, or take it to heart. Read through the comments section. Savor the resources posted here.

Though this does not reflect my own story, domestic violence has intersected our lives in different ways. We have been able to help a few “Sarah”s. And we’ve seen the effects domestic violence has had on spouses and children. The damage gets worse the more things remain hidden.

It’s easy to turn your back on a hurting family. If you happen to know one today, dare to be brave. Dare to help. You may be the only one to do so.