Do you tweet?

Apr 20, 2009Write!

If you do and would like to follow me, click here. Happy tweets, everyone! Here’s a sample of today’s offerings (which shows just how weirdly eclectic I am):

mdemuth: Here is the link to the Christian fiction sales story:

mdemuth: “Sales of Christian fiction remain strong. In Christian fiction, there’s hope in the midst of trouble” Bob Smietana from The Tennesean

mdemuth: “I used to rule the world. Seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own.”Coldplay

mdemuth: A must read post about contentment from author @SharonHinck Wow.

mdemuth: OK, that’s a weird name for a lawncare company: Jurassic Lawn Care.

mdemuth: “Hoping to find some unforgotten words or ancient melodies . . . I guessed the rains down in Africa . . . ” Another happy song.

mdemuth: “Oh you look so beautiful tonight . . . in the city of blinding light.” I CAN BARELY HOLD IN MY JOY AT U2 TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!

mdemuth: Got my work done for the day. Now I’m creating a menu plan for the next month. Tonight: Stir fried beef with noodles over salad.